Ye heav’ns, oh haste your dews to shed

Gospel song lyrics to Ye heav’ns, oh haste your dews to shed, (originally Ihr Himmel tröpfelt Tau in Eil), by J. Franck, 1653

Ye heav’ns, oh haste your dews to shed,
Ye clouds, rain gladness on our head,
Thou earth, behold the time of grace,
And blossom forth in righteousness!

O living Sun, with joy break forth,
And pierce the gloomy clefts of earth;
Behold, the mountains melt away
Like wax beneath Thine ardent ray!

O Life-dew of the Churches, come,
And bid this arid desert bloom!
The sorrows of Thy people see,
And take our human flesh on Thee.

Refresh the parch’d and drooping mind,
The broken limb in mercy bind,
Us sinners from our guilt release,
And fill us with Thy heavenly peace.
O wonder! night no more is night!

Comes then at last the long’d-for light?
Ah yes, Thou shinest, O true Sun,
In whom are God and man made one!

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