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Who You Say You Are

Lyrics to Who You Say You Are by Britt Nicole [Verse 1:] You know my name. I know You wrote my story-y-y. But there are days, I can’t see a happy ending. No, no. Life get’s hard. Sometimes it just hurts. It’s kicking me down and throwing me curves. When I feel the rain. I […]


All This Time

Lyrics for All This Time, by Britt Nicole I remember the moment I remember the pain I was only a girl But I grew up that day Tears were falling I know You saw me Hiding there in my bedroom So alone I was doing my best Trying to be strong No one to turn […]


Straight For Your Heart lyrics

Lyrics for Straight For Your Heart by Britt Nicole Straight for your heart Straight for your heart I see you I see you so clear I know you wanna disappear You wonder who will notice If you gave up the fight Some days you feel invisible, out of sight Right here, right now, tonight


Still That Girl lyrics

Lyrics for Still That Girl by Britt Nicole Dreams, they come Plans, they change Yea, we’re gonna break Yea, we’re gonna break Things we face make us who we are Baby you’re a star shining in the dark Let’s go back to the summer, summer when We dreamed in love, let’s go back again Let’s […]


The Sun is Rising

The Sun is Rising Lyrics for The Sun is Rising by Britt Nicole When life has cut too deep and left you hurting The future you had hoped for is now burning And the dreams you held so tight lost their meaning And you don’t if you’ll ever find the healing


Breakthrough by Britt Nicole

Hey there fear… I’ve seen you here before You keep coming back And knocking at my door For so long, so long I’ve been trying to soar With my hands tied up and my feet held to the floor But I’m feeling’ like a breakthrough is coming I can see that a breakthrough is coming, […]