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I Asked the Lord [hymn lyrics]

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Hymn lyrics to “I Asked the Lord”, as performed by Mahalia Jackson on The Red Skelton Hour – possibly derived from the John Newton hymn

I asked the Lord to comfort me
When things weren’t going my way;
He said to me “I will comfort you
And lift your cares away.”
I asked the Lord to walk with me,
When darkness was all that I knew;
He said to me, “Never be afraid,
for I will see you through.”

I did not ask for riches,
He gave me wealth untold-
The moon, the stars, the sun, the sky,
And He gave me eyes to behold
I thank the Lord for everything,
And I count my blessing each day;
He came to me when I need Him-
I only had to pray:

He’ll come to you if you’ll ask Him to-
He’s only a prayer away

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