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As the Serpent Raised by Moses song lyrics

As the serpent raised by Moses – based on Numbers 21, where Moses was instructed to create a brass serpent on a rod — and anyone who had been bitten by a deadly serpent and looked on the brass likeness was healed. Referenced in John 3:14. Words by John Newton, sung to “All for Jesus” (Asa Hull)

As the serpent raised by Moses
Healed the fiery serpent’s bite,
Jesus now Himself discloses
To the wounded sinner’s sight.
Hear His gracious invitation,
“I have life and peace to give,
I have wrought out full salvation,
Sinner, look to Me and live.”

“Grieve about your sins no longer,
Well I know their mighty guilt;
But My love than death is stronger,
I My precious blood have spilt:
Though your heart has long been hardened,
Look on Me—it soft shall grow;
Your transgressions shall be pardoned,
And I’ll wash you white as snow.”

“I have seen what you were doing,
Though you little thought of Me;
You were madly bent on ruin,
But, I said—it shall not be;
You had been forever wretched,
Had I not espoused your part;
Now behold My arms outstretched
To receive you to My heart.”

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