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Abraham, when severely tried

Hymn lyrics to “Abraham, when severely tried” by Charles Wesley. A hymn about faith, obedience, and sacrifice.

Abraham, when severely tried,
His faith by his obedience showed,
He with the harsh command complied,
And gave his Isaac back to God.

His son the father offered up,
Son of his age, his only son,
Object of all his joy and hope,
And less beloved than God alone.

O for a faith like his, that we
The bright example may pursue!
May gladly give up all to thee,
To whom our more than all is due.

Now, Lord, to thee our all we leave,
Our willing soul thy call obeys;
Pleasure, and wealth, and fame we give,
Freedom, and life to win thy grace.

Is there a thing than life more dear?
A thing from which we cannot part?
We can; we now rejoice to tear
The idol from our bleeding heart.

Jesus, accept our sacrifice;
All things for thee we count but loss,
Lo! at thy word our Isaac dies,
Dies on the altar of thy cross.

For what to thee, O Lord, we give,
A hundred-fold we here obtain;
And soon with thee shall all receive,
And loss shall be eternal gain.

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