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To Israel’s Land, When Israel Sinned

Song lyrics to To Israel’s Land, When Israel Sinned

To Israel’s land, when Israel sinned,
A band of Syrians came,
Took captive thence a little maid
Who knew God’s holy name.

She waited upon Naaman’s wife:
A mighty captain he,
But, sad to tell, all covered o’er
With dreadful leprosy.

The little captive soon makes known
What wonders may be wrought
By God’s own prophet, in her land,
And begs he may be sought.

Proud Naaman left his native land,
Commended by his lord,
And carried in his leprous hand
A present and reward.

With horses and with chariot grand,
The warrior soon is seen,
Before Elisha’s door, to stand
With high and haughty mien.

“Go, wash in Jordan, and be clean,”
The prophet’s message given;
But this ill suits the warrior’s mind—
His chariot back is driven.

The servants now draw near, and say
In words both wise and kind,
“If some great thing thou hadst to do,
Wouldst thou have been behind?”

Then Naaman yielded, spite of pride;
He washed and he was clean;
And all who now in Christ confide
Are washed from every sin.

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